Smitten with new Outdoor Gear

It is official I am smitten by these January Baby Smittens! This fall I stumbled upon another product by January Baby and that is when I started researching the company and their products. I love how they have been able to make accessories both parent and kid approved!

January Baby Smittens are like no other. They are mittens that kids cannot take off! Rather than fasteners that attach mittens to the child’s coat, Smittens are mitts attached by a band of stretchy fleece that sits comfortably around their backs. I find them super easy to keep track of – as they live right inside their coats; as well as easy to put on.  Easy is good when it comes to winter gear and toddlers right mamas! My kiddos are 1 and 2.5 years old so they still need a hand but with Smittens there is no difficulty in getting things on and off. In my mind keeping the kids warm in chilly Ontario weather is my number one and these products do just that.

Here are some snaps of the kids playing in the yard while me and the hubby set up the Christmas lights and plugged in a giant Olaf this weekend. Things are starting to look festive around here!

The new January Baby hats come in a range of colors to match their Smittens and are super cozy and warm. The wide flap that comes down over their ears and snug Velcro fastener below the chin are very comfortable. My kids love them and I think they are hat snobs. Stella probably has 8 winter hats she somehow accumulated from hand-me-downs and gifts but she still asks for her “fuzzy pink one” because there is nothing scratchy under the chin and it keeps her super warm… plus it matches her brothers red one but she isn’t going to admit to me that is one reason she loves it.

Check out to buy or find a retailer near you.




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