DIY Project for Moms-to-be

When I was pregnant with Stella, Jeff and I made a list of things we wanted to do as parents and created “our promises to you” written like a vow and letter to Stella. We had it designed on the etsy shop BisforBrown, who also made beautiful art with our wedding vows which we have up in our bedroom.  You could also do it yourself if you had a little time and know your way around fonts and layouts. We hung the promise art in her room when she was born and I hope that she treasures it forever. It says things like “promise to make your favourite cookies, be there to listen when you have a bad day, make a big deal of your birthday, be your biggest cheerleader and push you to become your best self”.  I often read it to her, and I know she may not get it yet but one day I hope she looks back at it and smiles when she reads it… it is a good compass for me too as it reminds me what kind of parent I wanted to be before life got hectic!


If you are expecting or already have children this is a fun and simple crafty celebration project to do with your spouse. Let me know if you decide to try it! #craftycelebrations


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