My Easter Tradition

Do you remember dyeing Easter eggs when you were young?IMG_9515 For me, it’s tradition and to miss it would be like not carving a pumpkin on Halloween or getting pjs on Christmas eve! My dad was “the egg blower” in our family, he would get so light headed blowing all the eggs but then he got to be silly and tease us that he had the hardest job of all. Mom was “the organizer” (dye cups that matched their coloured dye inside), “the ideas go-to” with advise on best colour combos, as well as “the clean-up crew”; she never let it get too messy but I always remember it being so much fun! One year, we went all out and did the traditional egg dyeing with wax designs – this was one of my very favourites. If your kids are older than mine (comfortable with hot wax) they will probably enjoy this method also.

This year Stella has just turned two, so I know she would have a ball with dye but she is just too young. Instead, I have found other fun ways to decorate Easter eggs minus the messy dye. Here are some of my favourites and I have outlined the ideas by age group so I hope you find it helpful and try some of them with your kiddos!IMG_9526

For the 1.5 – 3 year olds…

Keep things simple and do not bother with hand blown eggs! Using plastic or foam decorating eggs (found at Walmart or Dollarama, $2/dozen) you can decorate with any of the following: coloured washi tape, IKEA tape (like the ones I shared in this previous     post), markers like pastel coloured sharpies, small foam “peel and stick” letters or shapes, jewels, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, pom poms, buttons, etc.

Sparkly polka dot eggs might just be my fave this year – in the photos you will see Stella and I making some this week. We used roll on glue dots (found in the craft section in most stores) and simply applied the dots to the plastic eggs and rolled the eggs in glitter. (I applied the dots, Stella did the rolling). Another favourite for Stella was coloring the eggs with sharpies

.IMG_9516 IMG_9517

After she had her fun I did end up doing some quick egg dying with simple food colouring and water in Ziplocks… honestly, I  just thought the colourful eggs would be more fun to have around the house!

For kids over 3 years old…

If your kiddos are older their little hands can probably manage either blown eggs or plastic/foam decorating ones. I would step it up a notch and try traditional decoupage eggs with this age group! All you will need are fun patterned napkins or tissue paper and mod podge or Elmer’s glue. Spread your glue or podge on the egg, wrap in napkin or tissue and then spread (being careful not to rip the paper) another layer of the glue or podge. You can use a brush but I always end up doing this with my fingers so I do not tear the paper. It might look a milky colour but when it dries it will be clear and glossy.

For kids over 5…Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Go all out with the messy dye for this age group! As I mentioned I did end up dyeing some eggs (after all it’s my tradition!) and I used the plastic eggs this year so that I can use them again and again year after year. I also highly recommend using Ziplock bags rather than cups for the dye. You can do more than one at a time easily AND there is far less mess and drips. Just be ready with something to set your wet eggs in to dry.

I will be sharing more craft ideas for Easter and Spring this week and I would also love to hear ideas you have; please leave a comment below with details on crafts you will be doing with your littles! Take photos of your projects and tag us online as well #craftycelebrations


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