Party Animals Birthday

Stella’s birthday party is always one of my favorite times of year as I LOVE party planning and any excuse to go crazy with a theme! This year her big day has completely snuck up on me… I am in full party planning mode to be ready for next weekend.

This year Stella is super excited about her party… I am not sure she actually understands what birthday means but she does know enough that she can tell someone there will be “lots of animals” and “I turn toooo” which is good enough for me! I chose the Party Animal theme because it is something she loves and it’s a cute theme to play with. The inspiration all started with the giant sized zebra mylar balloons that the fabulous Confetti & Sparkle Party Shop posts on their Instagram feed – I contacted Cindy and she was able to order me an oversized zebra, lion and giraffe balloons. Using the zebra as inspiration, I will have lots of black and white decor with hits of orange and yellow to keep things fun and bright!

One of my favorite things is putting together the take away… I don’t know why exactly BUT it is probably because it involves shopping! For this years “thank you for coming” (aka goody bag) I have done white paper pails filled with fun goodies for the little party animals – animal stickers, jungle themed stamps, crayons, a large animal toy plus a placemat sized animal colouring sheet. goody bagWhen putting goody bags together I look for things that are age appropriate – if Stella will like it then it works! I always go for the crafty stuff first as I think you can never have too much of it. Stickers are my primary tool for bribing my child – I am not ashamed of this – therefore if you parent as I do you need LOTS of stickers around at all times. Plus I think with craft stuff you know both girls and boys will love them. Most of the children attending are 18 months+ I also thought large toy animals will be a hit as they are familiar and they will recognize them. I went with pails as little hands can carry them easily and I added some black and white tissue inside and animal print paper outside, to keep with the theme of the party.goody bag contents
The DIY I tackled this week is a party animal cake topper! In total it cost me about $8. We will also use it more than once as we will have the family dinner and the birthday party which is a breakfast event. Using smaller (but very detailed and nice looking) plastic animals from Michaels I drilled a small hole in the bottom and inserted a bamboo skewer into each one. Then I used a silver glittery cardstock to make little cone hats. First, I made a template for the hat with scrap of paper and I secured them with a hot glue gun as I wanted them to dry fast. Then, I finished them with a colourful pom pom and attached them to the animals with more hot glue! Stella loves them – success!! Here is a link with other great DIY cake topper ideas for your parties. Please share your birthday party DIYs online with #craftycelebrations

Happy Friday


Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset cake toppers


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