Gone are the days of green beer!

I am gearing up for another fun festive celebration… One filled with cute rhymes, good luck, beautiful shades of emerald green, beer and comfort food! St. Patricks Day is just around the corner.

This holiday used to be filled with more beer than I would like to admit… Anyone else woken up with a green tongue the morning after? Ugh. Maybe after the kids go to bed the hubby and I will chug a beer for the thrill… Minus the green dye that I now know is awful for us!! If you are kid-less and do want to party, in Toronto at least, here are some fun celebrations happening in the city.

Today I am sharing (the first of two posts) how we will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. We would love to hear about your traditions and festivities too – please share them online with #craftycelebrations so we can follow along!

The Feast
I have recently started taking my health and my family’s health a whole lot more seriously… Switching out white flour for WG, oat or coconut flours and white sugar for other more natural substitutions. Plus we pretty much banned chocolate and sugar from entering the house for a few weeks to rid ourselves of some bad treat habits and it was empowering! In years past our St. Patricks Day feast would have included shepards pie or rich stew and chocolate Guinness ganache cake but this years menu looks a bit different but very guilt free! Here are some tasty dishes I will be serving up the week of March 17th!

Chocolate Mint Smoothie
Green Warrior Smoothiegreen smoothie
Green Quesadilla (use those green spinach tortillas and fill with goat cheese, spinach, mushrooms or peppers!)
Savoury green pancakes
Detox Pancakes (rolled oats, banana and cinnamon plus spinach of course)
White pizza topped with arugula (toss the arugula with lemon, EVOO and s&p)
Green raw veggies (cukes, peppers, zuchinni, broccoli, etc.) with fava bean almond spread
Hearty Kale Ceaser Salad
Pesto …. Anything!

green cakes

Unexpected “Treats”
I believe festive fun and treats go hand in hand … This year I am challenging myself to think beyond chocolate or even food treats altogether!

I like to plan ahead and make Stella a St.Patrick’s Day surprise pack for her colouring and craft sessions that week – the pack is filled with shamrock stickers, themed colouring sheets, green pom poms and feathers, neon green paper, Kelly green felt sheets and even green glitter glue!

Paint your nails green! Stella is very into painted nails … She says “like Mommy’s” but not sure why as I believe I am hitting month three without a manicure or pedicure in sight! I really love this brand of kids friendly polish that rubs off easily and doesn’t chip. Bo Po Nail Polish

Why stop at nails! For older kiddos you could use your favourite homemade face mask recipe with some added green ingredients and have some spa time complete with green tea and cucumbers on your eyes!

Spinach Ice Cream (if you have a blendtec this takes 45 seconds to make and has only 75 calories per serving!!)

And just because it’s hard to pass up chocolate treats entirely rather than having an entire cake sitting around here is one that helps you practice moderation! Add a small handful of green Smarties or other coloured candies to your nut mix or popcorn and pretzels for a fun Friday night movie treat!

Teach your kids about Ireland and St. Patricks Day with these new bedtime books

My hubs will definitely be celebrating with some craft brewed treats – current favourites are sipped from Junction Brewery. The tasting room and retail store in Toronto is filled with delicious brews for the big day. Try your local craft brewery or go classic with a big tall boy of Guinness!

Later this week I will share more on how we get festive at home with DIY decorations for #stpatricksday

Have a great one



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