FRAMSTALLA… Swedish for fancy ribbons?

Don’t you just love all the Swedish product names for amazing IKEA items!?! If you have not been to Ikea lately RUN, don’t walk, RUN to find FRAMSTALLA… well finish reading my post first and then get your butt over there.

Framstalla is just one of the many new paper products IKEA now offers. The new “paper shop” is filled with wrap, ribbons, bags, tissue, tags, stickers, tape and decorations all in fun prints that coordinate with one another. Obviously they can be used to pretty up your gifts but there are so many other uses if you try them as affordable craft supplies.IMG_1515

My favourite item so far is the package of 4 coordinating rolls of washi style tape. Shown here in pink, green and black they are a great deal and can be used to dress up so many items. IMG_1516I love the look of solid wrapping paper with the tape used on parcels instead of ribbon. I used the black and white FRAMSTALLA tapes and ribbons on my fams Valentine’s gifts and even wrapped some around straws like tiny flags to jazz up our Saturday smoothies!

The tape can be used on so many projects (more ideas next week with some of my Easter crafts!) so its best to just stock up on all colors (as I did!) They are also super kid friendly – Stella uses the tape to decorate her pictures, her artist table and chairs and really anything else she can find to stick it to. Best part – I can peel it off and it doesn’t leave a mess.

The other product I love is the sheets of letter stickers otherwise known as SPRUTT. These are great for personalizing items, making fun labels around the house, scrapbooking and even as an alphabet decal trim in kids rooms.

Can’t wait to hear how you like the products and what projects you use them for! #craftycelebrations




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