Giving presents is the best!

This past weekend was a special little girls birthday party! Stella’s friend is one month older than her and they get along well… Obviously a unique and special birthday gift was necessary.

This sweet magnetic photo frame is a wooden flower shape – it cost one dollar at Target and various shapes are available. Using materials Stella is comfortable with – glue glitter and sprinkles – she decorated this one all by herself! I was pretty proud of her… smart cookie using sprinkles … I am pretty sure glue and sprinkles were eaten in the making of this craft though!


Quick tips: first have them put their glue on then get a big box and put the photo frame or paper inside it. Have your little artist stand or sit over the box and use their glitter or sprinkles inside the box. Voila no messes!

When Stella wasn’t looking I quickly sprayed the frame with a clear top coat to prevent the sprinkles from falling off. We put the most recent photo of the girls inside it (they are holding hands!) and it is my favorite part of the birthday gift.

Kids get given so many clothes and toys but thinking of something else is tricky… This year I want to give more experiences as gifts so we gave her friend a trip to the local aquarium which I think will be a hit. Maybe both of our families can go together which would be fun! Since 2 year olds do not understand gift certificates (and they are therefore no fun to open!) a necklace and play dough with animal cookie cutters accompanied the gift.

What is your go-to kids present? What is your favourite or least favourite part of kids birthdays? I am in the planning process of Stella’s 2nd birthday party and would love to know your thoughts… Stay tuned for multiple posts on the party planning! #craftycelebrations

Hope you all had a great weekend!


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