In Canada we were lucky enough to have a provincial holiday yesterday – Happy belated FAMILY DAY everyone! How did you celebrate?

I reflected this weekend on where my family was one year ago, how much has changed, how I have grown as a person/wife/mom and where I need to focus to be the best person I can be for my family.

IMG_8425I remember Family Day last year because we tie-dyed t-shirts together. I thought that crafting together was a good way to celebrate our first family day with Stella. She looked adorable in her tie-dyed onesie. Check it out! At that time, we were preparing to go to Maui, our first big trip as a family of three and it was such an amazing holiday. I was also mentally preparing to return to work after my first maternity leave – scary as hell. On this weekend last year I didn’t even know I was expecting my second child – what a special gift Mason was this year … a gift I didn’t know how much I needed until he arrived.

When it comes to family I have a lot to be thankful for BUT I also live on the other side of the country from the majority of my nearest and dearest. I cannot help but feel a little “off” on weekends when I am thinking of them so much. My family lives where spring has sprung and flowers are sprouting up in their gardens. I on the other hand, live in Toronto where we just experienced the coldest day of the year, the air stung our faces this weekend and good luck even finding my garden under all the snow. It makes me miss the west coast weather almost as much as my west coast family! 🙂

In celebration of family day 2015 I want to share with you commitments I am making to my family this year – our best year yet!


Is it strange my first commitment to my family is about me and not them? The truth is I rarely focus on myself and as I get older I am slowly (and painfully) realizing that its messed up I don’t focus more on me. Being the best version of myself will make me happier and therefore a better mom and wife. So there it is, my first commitment is to focus on my physical and emotional health. The focus will be on eating clean and working out consistently but I want to balance all the other things that have an impact on my emotional health too – blogging, sewing, getting my hair done, crafting, seeing my chiropractor, going to the spa, having a girls night. BIG GOAL: running my first 5K (details tbd)


I am continually amazed by the joy and personal reward I get from being fully present with my kids. Sounds simple right? The reality is that life often gets in the way (I am a multi tasking queen!) and if I do not focus on being fully present days go by and I realize that I haven’t been spending my time the way I want to. It happens so innocently, “playing restaurant” with Stella while folding laundry, singing songs to Mason while making dinner, talking to Mom about her day while putting away groceries. But I know that ten minutes singing to Mason can change my entire mood for the day. Thirty minutes playing dress up with Stella makes my heart explode with pride and love as I watch her imagination grow. Time uninterrupted with my husband talking about our day after everyone has gone to sleep makes such a difference for our relationship. Being present to me means NO distractions – NO phone (talking or texting), NO TV, NO multi-tasking (laundry, dinner, cleaning). BIG GOAL: Fully present time each day with my husband and each of the kids.


This year I want to simplify our life and where possible automate the mundane tasks; making day to day run smoother and everyone happier. House organized with smart storage solutions, meal plans for the week, chore lists and cleaning schedule, budgets balanced, automated bill paying and savings, etc. This also means finishing projects I start and maybe even deciding not to start some. Being consistent with day to day tasks will help keep everyone on track and free up time to focus on the things as mentioned above about spending time on myself. Anyone who has worked with me or lived with me knows I am usually inconsistent in my organizing of anything – I am an ideas girl so I jump from thing to thing typically 🙂 So this is a big goal for me.

I am really happy with my 3 commitments and think they are the right places to focus this year. Reading them now, written down and not just in my head, feels empowering and will help hold me accountable. Thanks for letting me share.

keep-calm-and-celebrate-family-6This weekend was a great reminder to be thankful and celebrate your family always not just on Family Day! As a new tradition I will be introducing Family Awards to celebrate each person’s greatness and what they bring to our family. Stella will get the first one – Award for Most Polite Family Member because she is doing a great job of using her pleases, thank yous and sorry’s. It’s cheesy I know but I feel like being a fun level of cheesy is kinda part of the job as a mom! If you are interested in making some fun awards for you family, I put together a Pinterest board with ideas for DIY awards and trophy crafts. Please check it out, follow me on Pinterest and let me know if you try any of the crafts #craftycelebrations

Happy Belated Family Day!



One thought on “CELEBRATE FAMILY

  1. Wow this is why I love you so much and know what a great Mum you are…My Stella and Mason are very special because of their parents which in my mind makes …..you parents very special too.😉


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